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DEAD by APIv2.0.0

31 survivors

28 killers

204 perks

32 items

608 add-ons

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The code, raw data, database schema and models, detailed documentation, and instructions on how to get the API running are available on GitHub .

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About the API

DbAPI was originally built with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB as a learning project and was hosted on Heroku. When they stopped offering the free tier, the API went offline for a few months.

Then, as the developer learned new stuff, it was time for the Dead by API to get an upgrade. Entirely remade with Next.js, the version 2.0 features a routing structure that is more intuitive and easier to use.

Additional stuff

Hey! I'm Lucas Lamonier , a full-stack web developer, and I created the Dead by API project for the community to finally have a mostly functional API about the game we play a lot.

Beyond APIs, I create Discord bots, websites, web apps, and a bunch of random stuff. I am open to collabs on fun apps and webistes and also to more complex projects.

Have an idea? Have a question? Need a developer? Just want to chat? By all means go right ahead!

All of the content in this project comes from the Dead by Daylight videogame, which is developed by Behaviour Interactive.